Coach Kiko has lived, breathed and slept cheer ever since the first day he joined his first team in 2007. With no prior experience but love for the art, he had made both dance and cheer at his local high school in Redwood City, CA. It wasn’t until much longer that he met coach Lessandro, who he was not only coached by, but also introduced him to the all-star world of the sport. Within months he made it into his first Senior Coed Level 3 team and a Senior Coed Level 5 World’s team in 2008. His passion grew tremendously and 3 years afterwards (already aging out of senior division teams) he competed at an international level 5 level and, in 2013, started coaching his first all-stars teams in San Jose, CA.

His experience enabled him to coach and choreograph his first and very own level 2 team in 2015. Kiko has continued for four seasons straight, competing on an International Open Coed Level 4 team, while making history, being one of the first teams in that division to compete at the Summit World Championship of the 2019 season.
For the past 10 years Kiko’s passion for the sport has not only grown vastly but has given him opportunities to train and learn from some of the best athletes and coaches in the industry. He is a driven individual who loves to share the love of cheer and has a unique eye to the nature of the sport. He looks forward to this season and is extremely excited to be able to showcase what upstanding cheerleading is and to deliver great knowledge, spirit & passion.

Blue2 coach, Class & private instructor

Photo ofKiko